Welcome to the Blog!


Welcome to our new blog! We are Ethan, Mackenzie, Savanna, and Cash. And we make up the Kaney family. We are a pretty normal family, but we love to adventure, try new things and spend time with each other.

The Kaney family on a hike in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Dad (that’s me), the mastermind of projects is a handyman, I spend my weekends and spare time in the garage or working around the house. Mackenzie, the loving mother and supporter of the family, spends days teaching, nights sewing and weekends organizing. Savanna (sister), the princess spends her days learning from mom at “school” and evenings being adventurous and playing with brother. Cash (brother) spends the day being a typical boy trying to hurt himself and being a lion.


We started in October of 2010, when I meet Mackenzie on an online site and then meet in person. I flew to my home state and wouldn’t stop texting her. I realized that I might be in love. But before I asked her to go out I asked her if I should buy a 40k dollar truck and she said yes, so I knew I had to lock it down. 18 months later I asked her to marry me and 6 months later we got married in the courthouse in the snow.

16 months later we were blessed with sister, after one miscarriage. Brother came almost three years later after two more miscarriages. These two are are my everything. I don’t go more than a couple minutes without thinking about them. Also along the way we have adopted two dogs Remington and Duck, a cat Bear, four chickens Nugget, Rapunzel, Princess Lay-a and Dixie Chick, seven fish, two plecos and a frog.

Last February I was honorably discharged from the Navy after serving the submarine community for 8 years. I am now fixing the submarines to allow them to continue to do their thing. Mackenzie is a stay at home mom that does odd jobs for friends. Together we are trying to save enough money to fixup the house to get ready to sell.

Both of us are making crafts for an Etsy shop we have created and will be up and running soon. Mackenzie is making cloth items like sandwich bags and bonnets, while I am making wooden items. Everything we sell is made out of our home, and selling for less than most people for parents like us that don’t have the money for expensive items to make life easier.


Now that you know a little about us, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and shop at our Etsy shop.


Thank you for reading

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