Family Time

This weekend was great.

Ethan has been working for over 25 days straight, many of these were 12 hour shifts. For myself and the kids it means that we haven’t really had any quality time with him. For Savanna and myself we need that time. It fills our cup and makes things a bit better. So for us we really were having at tough time without that quality time.

Thursday day, Ethan took a sick day, followed by another on Friday! We got wonderful family time together.

We started Thursday by going to Stroller Strides. I left Savanna at home with Ethan to cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons. Cash and I went to work out. It was a good workout and a nice way to start the day. After that the entire family headed to IKEA. We to a few of our favorite things and a couple of things for the kid’s rooms!

Friday morning we woke up to snowflakes falling, but not sticking. We ran errands like getting a new work coat for Ethan and new rainbows for Savanna. Savanna asked to go to the mountains, something I love hearing her say. So away we went to Mt. Rainer. We played for a little bit in the snow and ate our packed lunch, then headed home for bedtime to relax.

Saturday, today, we woke up and went to our favorite local restaurant, scratch kitchen, ate our favorite breakfast with some tea and coffee and enjoyed looking out at the water while we ate. More errands and some grocery shopping later, back home for dinner and cuddle time.

Tomorrow I am headed to a big concert with some of my family, and Ethan will be home with the kids hanging out, most likely playing with toys and being silly.

This weekend may not seem like much, but to us it was refreshing and fulfilling. Ethan works so hard for us, but sometimes we need more than his physical presence. We need his jokes, he cuddles, his mental support and love.

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