The Big Move

Hey y’all,


I know our vlog channel has been quiet and the blog has been even more quiet. But that is because we have started to go through a huge life changing event. I have been out of the Navy for almost a year now and my life isn’t headed the way I have always imagined it going. I wake up everyday wishing I could be back in Wisconsin and farming beef cattle. I would like to have land and both Mackenzie and myself have wanted to have horses for a while now, basically since we sold Harry, our horse, almost 3 years ago.


So the time has come, the Kaney family is moving!! We are starting over in Wisconsin. We are looking forward to the move, although at first we wanted to buy land and build a new home, then shortly thereafter we would start to build our homestead. But the land we originally we’re going to purchase fell through, but we have begun to see the good in this. We are now going to buy a fixer upper and try to “flip” it. Then buy our land and build our forever home.


Our day to day is going to start to pick up. The house is not ready to sell and we want to get as much as possible for it. But the first step is packing. Over the day today we packed the first 12 ½ boxes, we have a lot more to go but it is a start. Tomorrow we are going to start moving the kitchen into the dining room so we can start to floor, paint, and finish the kitchen. We have a lot of work to do and not much time to do it, but we are ready for this new adventure. 



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