Less Stuff, More Memories

We have not really accomplished much the last couple of days. We moved the kitchen cabinets
into the dining room so we could fix the holes, floor and paint. Other then that we have not done
to much.
As of right now are main goals are to purge the stuff we have and to learn how to upkeep a
house the way it is supposed to be. Washing dishes, folding clothes, picking up toys, etc. So
that way when we move to are new home we will be able to have a clean, upkept home.
While we were purging we came to the conclusion that it is weird to think you have all of this
stuff and you love it all, but when you pick something up at look at you realize you have no
attachment to it at all. It almost feels good to throw it away or give it to, well in this case,
Goodwill. I took three tubs of “stuff” in and have thrown four or five garbage bags of broken toys,
magazines, paperwork, etc away. Not to mention how much we shredded. The more we let go
or pack, the less stressful the home seems to be, the more the kids play, the more we read
When we move, I hope to continue this feeling and not bring as much “stuff” into our home and
have more memories in our home instead.

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