Is it still January?

Well this month has felt like the longest month, or maybe we are being more in tune with our given time and being in the moment, either way, I am excited to say hello to February!!

So far this month we have settled back in our daily life, Ethan is back at work, thankfully no 12s yet, and the kids and I are trying to just relax and be with each other at home.

Tomorrow I would like to start working on a morning routine. Getting up and getting myself ready and together before the kids wake up to give myself some me time and hopefully giving me a better start to the day will help me be a little more production earlier in the day, since I am a VERY slow riser. I like to move slow in the morning and I like take my time before really working on projects. So tomorrow I will be up at 5 like normal, but I won’t be going back to sleep, hopefully it will go well! I should probably go to bed now!

This is a short blog, but I am trying to work on blogging and vlogging more often as it is something our family really enjoys, but sometimes forgets to do.


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