Broken Weekend

What a day,


Yesterday went pretty good we pretty much go the kitchen down to essentials or there-about, and the downstairs toys are down to wooden and Montessori toys. We added another six boxes to our huge stack of totes and were going to pack the kids’ rooms today. We are pretty close to having everything packed. If we gave it three full days and had enough boxes we would be done. And that was our plan this weekend since it is a three-day weekend.


Our huge stack of totes! 

That is until 9 o’clock last night when Mackenzie stepped on a hidden toy. Basically, a very hard and large toilet paper roll. When she did her body went one way and her foot the other. After calling 911 and a three-hour trip to the ER, which included two crabby kids, me profusely sweating for no reason and the guy on the other side of the curtain with the flu. Got us home at about 12:45 and after putting the kids to bed, again, we finally got to sleep about 2:00. Savannas biological alarm clock woke her up as it does every morning at 6:40 and Cash was up at 8:00. So today has been a little touch and go, with emotions high. The one thing that is making us get by and keep the kids happy is that it snowed this morning, but now it is extremely winding so we have lost power about 15 times as of now for a few moments at a time. Instead of packing we have resorted to a very blotchy movie day. Laying around and caring for mom.

Mackenzie waiting to get into the ER room! They got her in quickly!


Hopefully we or I will get back it to the packing game tonight or tomorrow and get the rest of the boxes full. Then take a break from it until next weekend. Which is also when the new floors are supposed to be going in, by me, so I am notsure how this is going to go. We had/have a lot to do and now with Mackenzie down it is going to get a little busier in the next couple of week.


Until I have time to write,



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