Is it too late for New Years Resolutions?

New day new plan…

Waking up today I decided that I am going to change my life around and hopefully the family will follow in suit. I did not feel like myself today as I have the last three months. Most of the time after I get up and dressed I get out of the funk, but today has been a long day of not doing anything. I had these same symptoms when I was in high school and they ended up finding a massive ulcer in my stomach. I am hoping to get on a healthier way of life and working out some to see if maybe that will help. Before our family started, even before Mackenzie and I had met I was running a lot. But that slowly decreased in distance and regularity. And now my body is telling me to start again. So now I am hoping that with some new guidelines for me and the family in hopes we will all feel better. Some of those things will be seen through the blog and some are probably going to be a little harder to detect.


Some of those things are…

-Between Mackenzie and myself we are going to write for the blog every day.

-As a family we are going to put up a video twice a week.

-Food is going to be made from scratch.

-We are going to work out 3-4 times a week.


Other than that we took Duck to the vet today and she tore the internal stiches from her spaying and needs to have them for another week. He is a golden retriever, yellow lab, and blue healer cross and won’t sit still so the vet is hoping that she will so everything will heal, but I have my doubts. The kids are doing pretty good Miss S. is starting to come down with a cold and Mr. C is getting over a rash on his manly parts. Mackenzie is walking already so that is good. Individually we are a mess but as a whole we help each other.


Well I am off to pack a couple of boxes since I have not done much today or yesterday.


We will write again tomorrow,



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