37 Days.

37 days. I have 37 days to pack up my life here in Washington and I am not even close.
Moving has so many emotions involved. Let alone moving from the PNW to the Midwest. The state I have known will no longer be my home. I am sad, I will miss my family and friends so much. I have a beautiful and supportive community here, they have celebrated my triumph and held space for me when I was at my lowest. From that community I learned cloth diapering, baby wearing and so much more. (This community in itself deserves an entire blog dedicated to it) 
But I am also excited, this is a new adventure for my family. If (prayers please) we find the right house I will be able to raise my children on land. We will be able to have more animals, be able to grow a garden, own horses again and more. My husband will be able to be near his family again. He has made so many sacrifices to be here in Washington, not only for the his entire 7 years in the military but for an extra year plus because we, meaning me, was just not ready to move. But I am ready now. I am ready for my husband to be happy and excited about living life. It will be hard. It is already hard, we are stressed, we are worried and extremely busy, but it will be worth it. 
Now I should probably go pack a few boxes!

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