Our Offer Was Accepted!!

We have been house hunting in Wisconisn, while in Washington. While mostly just looking to see what type of houses our budget will get us and to figure out our low and high price range!

We we first started talking about our move, our initial plan was to buy property from family and build our dream home. Between budget issues and finding a piece of land that works for all parties involved it isn’t going to work this year, maybe a few years from now.

So we have been looking for homes either in town or with land, preferably with land because Ethan and I both dream of having our family on our own land where we can have the freedom to have as many chickens as we want, some goats, sheep and even a horse and maybe a pony for Savanna 😉

We found a few beautiful homes in town, all with beautiful character, but no land. We then found a beautiful home over the budget but doable that would make living in town worth it. But while scrolling tons of homes we came across a small farm with a 100 year old house that looked perfect. We sent family to do a walk through and we found there were some issues with the land and the home. It needed a new roof, among other issues, and the 5 acres was mostly wooded, leaving little room for pastures.

While Ethan’ s brother was driving towards that house, he saw another for sale, another beautiful 100 year old home on 4 acres of mostly pasture.

Two days later, family once again looked at a home for us and sent pictures!

It was rough, needs work and some updating, but the view and the land are beautiful and a dream. We thought for a few days, debated pros and cons, I worried about the amount of work we would need to do, but knowing that we would have 4 acres to be outside to raise our kids and have animals would be worth it.

We put in an offer with a few contingencies, like selling our home and an inspection, plus water testing.

Verbally the seller agreed and then a few hours later we had signed paperwork!!! He accepted our offer!!!

It has been a whirlwind of a week/weekend. I am so excited and can’t wait to sell our current home so we can officially purchase our new home!

I have too many plans and dreams to list here but you will see them come true over the next year.

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